Thursday, July 29, 2010

Gemei GM2000 e-book reader second look

The GM2000 displays JPG, BMP, GIF and PNG pictures, which can be displayed oriented portrait or landscape...

The e-reader supports TXT, PDF, CHM, HTM, PDB, and UMD formats... The screen shots below show a TXT file in Chinese (which came with the GM 2000), a PDF I quickly transferred to the Gemei, and another TXT file. These all look good, and you can change orientation, you can zoom, bookmark, etc., etc. I haven't yet put any ePUB books on there to really test its value as an e-reader...

I will have to see if it is an issue with other files, but the PDF reader was rather slow to render/display the one PDF file I tried out.

The final screen shots below are of the Settings menu, using the radio functionality, and a picture of the Gemei running the included video (Bono's 'One' with scenes from the recent FIFA World Cup). The radio function works pretty well - a quick scan automatically picked up the local FM stations and the sound was pretty good. Quick note, you do have to use headphones for the radio to work (i.e. it won't work with the internal speakers...). The video was smooth and also looked good.

The bottom line? Recommended.

Gemei GM 2000 Colour e-book reader first look

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