Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Rings

The Lord of the Rings trilogy is playing on successive nights on television. Seeing it again was a reminder of what a good series of films it was, even though as somewhat of a LOTR purist this blogger was upset at some of the liberties taken by Peter Jackson. A couple of examples… While understanding that limitations of time meant that not all of the myriad subplots and twists could be included, it was most annoying that some were left out (e.g. Tom Bombadil, etc.) even while a significant amount of time was wasted on wholly made up Arwen-related scenes (e.g. at the Ford of Bruinen, and several Aaragon ‘flashbacks). Also, Jackson put his ‘spin’ on a number of characters which, in the opinion of this blogger, changed them for the negative. These included Frodo (made out to be a complete weenie); Gimli, son of Gloin (turned into a one-dimensional idiot), and Treebeard (having to be tricked into going against Isengard after pulling a Pontius Pilate…). However, in spite of these liberties a great series… 

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