Sunday, February 15, 2015

Follow up - Tweedledum & Tweedledee

The blog entry from July of 2008, 'The Powell rehabilitation project?', discussed the subject of Colin Powell and his knowledge of "enhanced interrogation tactics' (EIT a.k.a. torture), and how his aide Colonel Larry Wilkerson gave Powell 'cover' on this issue. This even though there was plenty of evidence that Powell knew what was going on despite his lack of "sufficient memory recall" about meetings he had attended where the subject was discussed in detail.

Then in 2014 any dissembling about his knowledge should have ended when John Rizzo specifically recalled Powell's involvement, see 'Confirmed! (Powell & torture)'.  And yet, Powell appears to have escaped any opprobrium, for example see: 'Apparent success!'

Wilkerson continues his coverup, for example see this recent panegyric to him in Vice from January 2015 - 'The Bush Administration Whistleblower Who Says the US Has Not Closed the Door on Torture'. Whistleblower? Sure, if you a) ignore the contrary evidence, and, b) define 'whistleblower' as someone who kept quiet at the time and only spoke up much later (and then has been very selective in what he discloses)!

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