Sunday, February 23, 2014

Random pictures - medals

Source: About Medals - Sochi 2014 Olympics

"The basis for the design of the medals is the main Sochi 2014 brand concept - the contrasts of our incredible country in which Europe meets Asia, pristine nature and megacities coexist, and innovation blends with a rich cultural heritage. The sun's golden rays deflected through a prism of snowy mountain tops and the warm sea and frosty ice living side-by-side are embodied in the medals. These contrasts in Russia's natural landscape will be an eternal souvenir for the champions and will be a reminder of the unforgettable Games in Sochi.

The medals of the Sochi 2014 Olympic Games have been given a bright and original design. The medals have been engraved with the signature "Patchwork Quilt" of the Games - a mosaic of national designs from the various cultures and ethnicities of the Russian Federation. The unusual combination of glass and metal gives the artifact a lightness and unique beauty."

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