Sunday, February 2, 2014

NEC Medias W N-05E second look

NEC Medias W N-05E first lookJan 28th, 2014

A further looks at the N-05E... The external aspects of the phone:

Pop off the back and you get to the battery compartment, with slots for the SD card and Micro-SIM as shown...

Some additional screenshots, showing app space (used & free). Ditto for the SD card (see below) and RAM (not pictured):


So, how do the two screens work? When you turn on the phone the 'front' screen turns on, then if you open up the screens the second 'subscreen' comes on (Note: there is a setting so that you can choose what mode you start up in e.g. single screen mode, dual screen mode, or the last mode you were in. You also have the ability to set the apps up to use either only one or one/both screens).  The first pic shows the single screen mode - your app is in the top screen while the second 'subscreen' has a choice between saved pages, your browser, or a view of the gallery. 

You can extend the app to both screens via the icon (see arrow). If extended to two screen you can revert to one screen by using the same icon...

A few screen shots of the various combos possible - using one screen, using both for one app, and using both with two different apps:


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