Sunday, August 4, 2013

Even more Galaxy S4 - keyboard

In search of other keyboard possibilities I checked out the Cellulon Epic laser projection keyboard. Nice and small (70mm x 20mm x 35mm, weighing 60gm), it uses a red laser diode to project a QWERTY keyboard (width 240mm x height 100mm; pitch 19mm) onto a flat surface. After pairing the device with your S4 (or any other device that has Android v4.0 or later; Windows XP or later; iOs 4.0 or later; or Blabckberry v10) you can start typing. As your fingers reflect the infrared light it is detected by a sensor that calculates the appropriate keyboard key...

The Epic has a 650 mAh lithium-ion battery rated at approximately two hours of use. It has 5 sound feedback levels, 5 brightness levels, sensitivity adjustment, and power saving modes.

And some specifications:

It worked very well for me and was very accurate (unlike in the Gizmag review)... Of course I am a "hunt and peck" typist and do not 'touch type,' it is very possible that it is less accurate at higher rates although it is rated at a recognition rate of 350 characters per minute! Is it realistic for frequent use? I'm not so sure, but it is an epic gadget!

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The following show the lowest and highest brightness levels, with and without the lights on respectively:


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