Saturday, October 27, 2012

Polaroid Z2300 Instant Print Digital Camera

Polaroid, a blast from the past, has just come out with the Z2300, a digital camera with a built-in printer (of sorts). See the specs above... A 10 MP camera with a three-inch TFT LCD, 32MB of internal memory (which can be supplemented by the use of an up to 32MB SD/SDHC card). Some pictures:

The Z2300 uses Premium ZINK photo paper sheets that have cyan, yellow, and magenta crystals which are heat activated to create a print of your picture. The backing of the sheet can also be removed to turn your mini-print into a mini-sticker. See below for a Z2300 picture and the accompanying print:

The bottom line: Big, clunky, not particularly sturdily built, not the greatest controls, a "OK" camera that can quickly print low-quality, 2x3-inch prints/stickers.A gadget nonetheless!

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