Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Great quotes - hypocrisy

“Everyone should respect all countries’ borders to maintain peace”

- Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğl, here.

"Inhumane savagery"

- Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan, denouncing the Syrian government's brutal crackdown on anti-regime protests.

"The regime in Syria has become a terrorist state"

Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan, criticizing Assad.

Ah, yes, the  Turks who unequivocally condemn any/all attacks on civilians, and who believe passionately in the inviolability of international borders...

PKK kill two Turkish soldiers, hundreds flee fighting - "... Clashes, including bombardment of rebels with helicopters and warplanes, was still underway on the southern fringe of the town of Semdinli, town mayor Sedat Tore said..."

Turkey snubs Iraq’s call for troop pullout - "... Maintaining several military bases in northern Iraq since the 1990s, when massive joint military operations were launched against the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party, Turkey ignores Iraq’s recent move not to extend its treaties to allow the presence of foreign forces or military bases on Iraqi territory..."

Iran/Turkey: Recent Attacks on Civilians in Iraqi Kurdistan - "... Turkey’s cross-border attacks in Iraqi Kurdistan killed more than a dozen civilians and displaced thousands between mid-July and November 2011, including in areas that did not appear to have military targets, Human Rights Watch said..."

Resolutions Issued by the IPI Membership - "... An expression of serious concern at the continued imprisonment of at least 64 journalists in Turkey, many facing unspecified criminal charges. IPI in July highlighted a report that found that Turkey has the highest number of journalists in prison in the world, surpassing Iran and China..."

Clashes as tensions rise in southeast Turkey - "... Angry villagers have attacked a local government official as he attempted to visit districts in southeast Turkey where 35 Kurdish civilians were killed in a botched raid by Turkish military jets. Nais Yavuz, the deputy governor, was pushed and shoved, and had stones thrown at him during the first official visit to the village of Uludere on Saturday, a day after funerals for the dead civilians had taken place..."

Turkish warplanes bomb Kurdish militants in Iraq - "... Turkish war planes bombed Kurdish guerrilla positions in Iraq Sunday... Between 145 to 160 militants were killed in air and artillery strikes on PKK bases in northern Iraq..."

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