Sunday, July 22, 2012

Technological panacea - follow-up

The May 14th, 2011 blog entry 'Effortlessly error free?' argued that claims that no dispensing errors have been made by automated systems while they have dispensed millions of doses over a period of years need to be placed in context... Here are two more-recent articles on the subject - 'Meet ROBOT-Rx, The Robot Pharmacist Doling Out 350 Million Doses Per Year' and 'The Pros and Cons of Rx Robotics.'

Of these two reports first the first is more technology cheer-leading while the second is more nuanced, recognizing that you have to be careful and consider the human factor and integration with your processes - "... the more people you elect to train, the more important it is that you ensure uniformity in your training. The human factor never goes away, even with a system like this, and that human factor is what can cause things to go wrong. People like to make their own workarounds or do things slightly different, but that kind of deviation can be the real weakness in your system. Your training has to address that..." Amen

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