Sunday, June 24, 2012

Yet more Sony Tablet P

Sony Tablet P first look
Sony Tablet P second look
More Sony Tablet P
More Sony Tablet P - II
OK, let's revisit the issue of the bezel between the two screens. With most software you can toggle between 'Single Screen' and 'Full Screen.'
If you choose the former your program runs (usually) on the top screen; if you choose the latter then the software will display across both screens. It is in this case that the bezel comes into play and can spoil the experience depending upon the program one is running. For example, I don't find it too annoying or problematic when browsing and scrolling web pages. However it can be a bear with reading apps. For example reading books using the Kindle app or Google Play Books is horrible - see below for an idea how it looks in single screen mode, and full screen mode (both portrait and landscape):
Clearly this is no way to read a book. Fortunately you have two choices - you can either read your book in single pane mode or you can use Sony's own Reader software, which is designed with the Tablet P's setup in mind... It displays 2 pages at a time, one on each screen (see below).

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