Sunday, February 12, 2012

Next for Syria?

This blogger has no idea re how this is going to turn out... However, while trying to keep up with the evolving situation in the country, there are a few observations that can be made:
  • One can discount 90 percent plus of what comes from the regime... Unfortunately this also seems to be true for 80 percent plus of what is reported as coming from most "activists"!
  • The news media is mostly pretty much worthless for anyone trying to keep up with events and understand what is going on.
  • None of the external parties have their primary focus on what is best for the Syrian people. Every one has ulterior motives and their own agendas...
  • In the U.S. suggestions range from "do nothing", to demands that Bashar al-Assad step aside (which could lead to an "Egypt" solution if the regime remains), to supplying arms to regime opponents (probably resulting in a "Libya" solution). Easy answers abound, as does crummy analysis.
A sad state of affairs...

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