Monday, January 2, 2012

Random charts - electric grid

Source: “Impacts of Severe Space Weather on the Electric Grid,” JASON report.

Their findings? "... We agree that the U.S. electric grid remains vulnerable but are not convinced that Kappenman’s worst-case scenario [26] is plausible, i.e. that a severe solar storm will probably destroy up to 300 EHV trans-formers, leaving as many as 130 million people without power for years while replacement transformers are manufactured and installed."

Their recommendations? "... Mitigation should be undertaken as soon as possible to reduce the vulnerability of the U.S. grid. The cost appears modest compared to just the economic impact of a single storm, e.g.$8B in August 2003... A rigorous and fully transparent risk analysis should be done of the U.S. grid. It should begin with analyzing Kappenman’s worst-case scenario while protecting his proprietary methods and proceed to a full-up simulation along the lines envisioned by [1]. National policy should not be based on methods not fully available to the government..."

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