Sunday, November 27, 2011

In the wild - XVI

The previous 'In the wild' blog entry (XV) had examples of QR implementations that were problematic for one reason or another... Here are some recently observed ones that seem to work better:

At an Illinois store selling flowers and Christmas items, use the QR code to sign up for their newsletter:

In Indianapolis, you could pay by entering your parking space number and paying at a central meter, or you could use a QR code to pay online:

Ate pizza at a restaurant over Thanksgiving, they had a QR code you could use to sign up for news, updates, special offers, etc.

Attended a presentation by a "thought leader." Following the talk one could either fill out a paper survey to rate the presentation, or scan a QR code to be taken to a mobile-friendly site to enter your feedback... A good, and useful, implementation:

I observed earlier that airports would seem to be natural venues in which to use QR codes given the volumes of people, some of whom have much time on their hands. And so, a QR/Tag scavenger hunt set up in the various terminals of DFW:

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