Sunday, June 26, 2011


The June 10th blog entry, 'A blast from the past', said that I had taken my venerable HP200lx out of mothballs and was going to try and use it as my regular PDA. It's been a little weird reacquainting myself with this (ancient dinosaur!) CGA DOS 5.0 machine!

For example, I had forgotten that the HP200lx had a full-size PCMCIA card slot, so had to buy a PCMCIA to CF adapter as well as a CF card small enough to be able to be read on the HP200lx! (256 MB seems to be the largest it will read... It's been so long that I didn't remember that once upon a time 256MB was an immense amount of storage!)

It's true that some amazing programs were written that were so much incredibly smaller than the huge bloatware we have these days, and were so versatile... For example MM/Lx was a great mind-mapping tool that was available back then. Black & white, etc., yet this mind-mapping tool on the HP200lx was better than any similar program for my Zaurus SL-C3000 many years later...

Hmm, clearly I'm getting old, waxing nostalgic about the HP200lx!

Some screen captures:

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