Sunday, September 5, 2010

iriver P7 second look

The iriver P7 bills itself as "a magazine-look PMP." What this means is that rather than having to go to menus to access the various functions, they are all available as 'widgets' on the main, front screen. To demonstrate this I have sectioned off and labeled the various functions on the picture below - top left is the clock, calendar, and a calculator; bottom left is the music; center top for movie files; center middle is the FM radio; the center bottom has a recorder and the settings sections; top right for pictures; and finally bottom right a text viewer. In the music, picture, and text sections you see the last music played, picture viewed, and text read. On tapping them they launch, and then a "back" button takes you to your content lists and menus.

All in all, a decent little gizmo. The weaknesses? Well, in terms of functionality, the text viewer is exactly that - a basic text viewer that only displays txt files, no Word, PDF, ePub, etc., just text. In terms of fit and finish, the aluminum body feels a little weird in the hand... it is not polished but slightly "rough," and feels a little funky.

iriver P7 first look - Aug 13th, 2010

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