Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Misc updates...

The September 17th, 2008 'Of interest' entry noted Israel's new Nevatim air base in the Negev, and the September 28th, 2008 'Message sent...' entry noted that the United States was installing a AN/TPY-2 Transportable Radar Surveillance/Forward Based X-band Transportable Radar, in the "first permanent U.S. military presence on Israeli soil." This week the U.S. and Israel conducted missile defense exercises that incorporated this radar....

The April 10th, 2009 entry 'More Nuclear disarmament' looked at President Obama's nuclear-centered speech in Prague, weighed it, and while encouraged by some signs found it wanting... Some updates: Vice President Biden tasked with getting the Senate to ratify the CTBT; "Nuclear weapons experts yesterday pushed for achieving some significant arms control milestones ahead of next year's Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty review conference in New York"; "experts" expect many obstacles to any administration push in this area (surprise!); and Australia vowed to work with the United States to rid the world of nuclear weapons.

Speaking of nuclear, the April 1st entry 'Bomb, bomb, bomb... Not?' entry decried the poor reporting on Iran's nuclear progress and the "Iran has enough uranium for a bomb' headlines. Well it turns out that Lehman Bros (the financial company that is) has 500,000 pounds of uranium, which (using the same logic") means that this defunct firm has enough uranium to make a bomb!"

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