Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A matter of geography...

In the news recently, an attack in Sudan on a convoy of 23 trucks ostensibly transporting weapons from Iran to the Gaza Strip. The attack was originally attributed to the U.S., then to Israeli drones, and finally to the Israeli air force... The arms were being smuggled through Sudan... and then through tunnels into the Gaza strip.

Conspicuously absent from all accounts that this blogger has read is the word 'Egypt.' A quick glance at a map shows that this truck convoy would have to cross from Sudan into Egypt, and then drive approximately 700 miles to get to the Gaza border and the smuggling tunnels. Is this really possible without the Egyptians catching on? Could a 23-truck convoy do this trip, cross the Sinai, and then get past the Egyptian forces closing the border? Hmm...

A battle between two long arms
How Israel Foiled an Arms Convoy Bound for Hamas

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