Monday, October 12, 2020

Bello - First Look

In August I received the Bello that I had backed on Indiegogo a while back: 'Bello - Decode your belly fat and manage your health.' It's a small, handy device that purports to measure your belly fat, both subcutaneous and visceral, using "DMW-NIRS (Discrete Multi-Wavelengths Near-Infrared Spectroscopy)."

Note: visceral fat is a more important marker for risk of serious medical issues, more so that fat elsewhere on the body. For more information, see: Taking aim at belly fat (Harvard Medical School).

I unboxed it and charged it up, and have used it daily to measure belly fat. The Bello pairs via Bluetooth with your phone and records the information in the Bello app. Note: You can sync the Bello app with Google Fit to measure other activity, etc.; however, for now I am just using it to measure and track belly fat. 

Seven weeks in and assuming this is accurate, I'm moving in the right direction!


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