Sunday, May 28, 2017

CX-10C Drone - first look

Noticed a teeny drone on sale at CrackBerry at 50% off and under $25, so just $28.98 with shipping. Purchased it on a whim to see what you can get for that cheap, et voila, this is what you get:


At 0.53 ounces it is below the threshold required for FAA registration (i.e. over 250 grams); additionally, a Washington, D.C. court ruled this month that the FAA drone registration rule violates the FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012..

And the specs:

Pretty minimal with respect to battery life, flight time, and autonomy, but what can you expect for that cheap? Plugged it in to USB to charge it up:

Then out in the driveway to test a quick lift-off and the video capability. It's actually pretty good, the video quality that is, not the lift-off... I do need to get better control! All in all, amazingly good given the itty bitty price!

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