Friday, December 9, 2016

Navdy - first look

I just received the Navdy that I ordered months (or was it years) ago on Kickstarter, here's a first look!


A lot comes in the box, including some nice touches such as low, medium, and high mounts so that it will work with cars with different dashboards; multiple sizes of cable clips so that you can tidy up the cord that runs from the Navdy to your OBD-II port; and cleaning towlettes to keep your scree clear...

And a couple of pictures 'on the road.'


The bottom line? I've only used the map feature so far, and it is crisp and clear and looks really good (my pictures don't do it justice!) Beyond mapping, it can do phone and text notifications, control your music apps, get calendar notifications, and more. Control is via a dial that straps to the steering wheel, you can also use gestures for some level of control... All in all, I'm looking forward to trying out all the different features!
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