Sunday, March 2, 2014

Error 404, cleaning up?

The Feb 8th, 2014 blog entry 'Random picture - pro-democracy?' pointed out and cited a very few of the points in Svoboda's "Program for the Protection of Ukrainians" that the U.S. was apparently happy to overlook, given their other anti-Russian program articles....

Well, the link now no longer works (at least as of this attempt), see above. Some "scrubbing" appears to have occurred. Oh well, off to the 'wayback machine" a.k.a. Internet Archive, to find a December 6th, 2013 cached version of the page! And here they are:

Click to enlarge:

Note the call to "Criminalize promotion... of sexual perversion." Perhaps John Kerry will have to update the entry on Ukraine... which incidentally also (oops!) already cites activities by Svoboda!

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