Sunday, June 2, 2013

Random picture - AI watch?

The Smile, a project on Indiegogo...From the project:  "... The Smile is the world’s first smart phone you can wear like a bracelet! Not only that, but it can also read your mood. It will know if you’re stressed out or relaxing. It can monitor your diet and your health. It will inform you when you should get up and move or take a rest. It can suggest where you should spend a night out on the town. It can control how awake you are as well as your sleep stages and your dream time. And if you’re in trouble, the Smile will call for help. 

The Smile will automatically switch its display from a daylight optimized type to a night time optimized one. While you’re sleeping it won't let pesky telemarketers interrupt your sleep. . It will hold incoming calls, route them to voice mail or inform the caller to call back later. And unlike other smartphones, the smile doesn't need you to tell it how to reply to text messages. Your Facebook friends won't have any excuses for calling you while you sleep, because The Smile will set your status to 'sleeping' when you go to bed. 

The Smile is the AI that will become your indispensable assistant friend...'

Wonder how real this is...  October or December 2013 will tell!

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