Sunday, November 8, 2009

Quick update...

The July 15th, 2008 blog entry, 'La nouvelle union,' commented on the inaugural meeting of the new UPM (Union Pour la Mediterranée), or Mediterranean Union. At the time this blogger wondered why the French felt that they would be able to 'run' the 43-member organization, and if the bizarre hand-shake between Sarkozy and Mubarak (see above) would end up being more of a 'bras de fer' between the two...

Fast forward approximately sixteen months and all is not so well... Egypt has caused the cancellation of next month's meeting in Istanbul of the Foreign Ministers from the 43 members, and an European Union diplomat has said, "We are risking the death of the Mediterranean Union just after being born. The Union is in complete shambles and no progress has been made since its launch, both on the structure of the organisation and its seat." Quelle surprise (not)!

Palestine Causes Mediterranean Disunion
Sarkozy Seething - Mediterranean Union Barely Breathing

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