Sunday, July 19, 2009

Charts of interest...

Good magazine has a nice infographic (small extract above) showing the amount of HMO contributions to U.S. senators here... A must see.

Chart showing the number of weekly attacks in Afghanisatan over time, from an article by the Economist, Into Taliban Country: America’s “surge” in Afghanistan begins—and allied tactics change

A chart of some results from the latest Latinobarómetro poll (taken end-2008 in 18 countries across the region and published exclusively by The Economist), showing the percentage of respondents in Central and South American countries that consider themselves either "very satisfied" or "somewhat satisfied" with how democracy works in their countries... See the article, The Latinobarómetro poll: Democracy and the downturn. Note the response for Honduras (given the recent 'coup/restoration of democracy' (your choice).

Chart showing the market downturn for the current recession, as compared to previous recessions. Chart and some commentary found at Bear Turns to Bull? from