Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Civic literacy

The Intercollegiate Studies Institute (ISI) "... was founded in 1953 to further in successive generations of American college youth a better understanding of the economic, political, and ethical values that sustain a free and humane society ... In 2003, ISI launched a new initiative, the American Civic Literacy Program, designed to study and strengthen the teaching of America's history and institutions at the college level. During the fall of 2005, ISI contracted with the University of Connecticut's Department of Public Policy (UConnDPP) to conduct an annual national survey in order to learn to what extent colleges and universities are teaching America's history and institutions to undergraduate students ..."

Results of the 2008 survey were not good - on the 33-question quiz, all respondents averaged 49% correct overall (an F)! A college education only moved the average up to 57% (still an F). Age, parental status, education, age, gender, income all did not make an appreciable difference to the results...

(Ed. note: this blogger's score - a few errors. In his defense he didn't grow up in the U.S.)

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