Tuesday, February 5, 2008

$515 billion.. or is it?

$3 Trillion Budget mentioned the $515 billion DOD budget. Well, an article in Slate looks at that a little closer and makes some observations, including:

  • It may be closer to $713 billion for defense...
  • "... The "Overview" section of the Pentagon's budget document contains a section called "Program Terminations." It reads, in its entirety: "The FY 2009 budget does not propose any major program terminations."..."
  • And, somehow, the three branches get approximately the same amount of money ("... Army gets 33 percent, the Air Force gets 33 percent, and the Navy gets 34 percent.")

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  1. Winslow Wheeler's take on the DOD budget can be found here: The Chaos in America's Vast Security Budget