Thursday, January 31, 2008


A fair amount of buzz has been generated this month by a manifesto (linked below) released by five retired NATO military leaders. The stated goal of the manifesto is to revive the troubled trans-atlantic alliance. Most commentary has focused on their statement that the "... first use of nuclear weapons must remain in the quiver of escalation..."

The manifesto laments the loss of "certainty" One wonders how they define "certainty", perhaps the good old days with the West on top of the heap and the wogs and beurs in their place... 

General (ret.) Dr. Klaus Naumann, KBE
Former Chief of the Defence Staff Germany
Former Chairman Military Committee NATO

General (ret.) John Shalikashvili
Former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of
the United States of America
Former NATO Supreme Allied Commander in Europe
Field Marshal The Lord Inge, KG, GCB, PC
Former Chief of the Defence Staff United Kingdom
Admiral (ret.) Jacques Lanxade
Former Chief of the Defence Staff France
Former Ambassador
General (ret.) Henk van den Breemen
Former Chief of the Defence Staff the Netherlands

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