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Source: Comparatif : l'obésité en Europe Interactive map.

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Source: Les meilleures images de la semaine, sélectionnées par Le Figaro Magazine (no. 10)

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RT @andrejmrevlje: Larry King to End Show After 25 Years * At least 5 years too late #

RT @BreakingNews 6 die, space shuttle flight simulator plunges 50 ft at amusement park, China * Unwanted dose of reality #

RT @prespolitics: Edwards Parties On * Edwards family. Please. Go. Away. #

RT @cnni: World Cup giants out -- who will be the new football goliath? * Eh?? "Giants out"??? #

RT @igeldard Tony Blair Named 2010 Liberty Medal Winner ¶ Give. Me. A. Freakin. Break. 1/2 #

2/2 Prev winners: Mandela, Jimmy Carter, Sandra Day O'Connor, Kofi Annan... Also (?) Colin Powell... Bono... Spielberg... now Blair. WTH? #

RT @modeshift IPCC was in error on glacial melting in Himalayas, but not by much according to new evidence ¶ Malarkey #

Are chemicals killing us? Shorter answer: No. #

English Language passed the Million Word threshold June 10, 2009 10:22 a.m. GMT Wow, someone tracks this? #

RT @legalnomads: 100 classic sci-fi films you can watch online for free (via @brainpicker) #

Detection of Nuclear Weapons and Materials: Science, Technologies, Observations (112-page PDF) #

Oily rain and cracks in the earth: Busting Gulf oil spill myths #

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Source: CBO

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

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National Space Policy of the United States of America (18-pg PDF) #

1/4 Apr '10 Vice Chair, JCS: Iran needs 3-5 yrs for nuke - 1 yr for HEU + 2-3 yr for bomb + time for delivery vehicle #

2/4 June '10 Panetta, CIA: 2 years for Iran nuke - 1 yr for HEU + 1yr delivery mechanism #

3/3 Iran has enough uranium for 2 nukes... Lehman Brothers had enough uranium for one nuke :) #

4/4 Iran will have nuke in 3-5 years per JTT F, Netanyahu, Gates.. IN 1992! #

BP Statistical Review of World Energy - June 2010 (50-pg PDF) #

l'Inde célèbre la langue et la culture tamoule ¶ OK, but to me it's still Ooty and will *never* be Udhagamandalam #

Au Pérou, les Indiens ignorés par Perenco et son projet d'oléoduc #

Peru inventor 'whitewashes' peaks to slow glacier melt Is he nuts or inspired? #

Le Vatican rappelle ses cardinaux à l'ordre #

Angola's Luanda beats Tokyo as priciest expat city Luanda, N'Djamena, Libreville in top 10?!? #

Women rule Forbes' celebrity power list, Gaga makes debut #

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Source: Housing Supply Metrics, at Calculated Risk

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Mental health break

At the top?

Change in home value since purchase.... From

Tweets for Today (Jun 28th)

RT @jeanlucr: I'm a Mac, I'm a PC, I Fuel Atrocities in the Congo * B.S. #

British-Led Consortium Mobilises Small Ships Flotilla To Clean Up Gulf Of Mexico Can recover most oil? #

Answer To What Ended The Last Ice Age May Be Blowing In The Winds #

Taliban's efforts to infiltrate northern Afghanistan "beginning to have an impact"? #

Half-Hearted Promises and Mutual Blame (G20) bit .ly/ddmFA2 #

Wikipedia 'breeding' paedophiles Eh?!? #

SCOTUS: Today is last day on the bench for John-Paul Stevens #

RT @KurzweilAINews Sai Khan - global teacher of 1,516 lessons and counting (on YouTube) #

Michael Oren v. Michael Oren on Israel-US relations (leads to dis-Oren-tation) #

RT @CunningDC BP spends $4m on NYT ads? #BP has run 24 full-pg NYT ads since oilspill via @mmfa ¶ Umm, so? Problem? #

RT @GlobalPost How to save Africa's gorillas? Give them names. ¶ Yup, anthropomorphize them #

RT @prespolitics Robert Byrd, Respected Voice of the Senate, Dies ¶ Pff, "respected" but ignored when critical 1/2 #

2/2 That is when Senate voted on the Byrd amdt to the AUMF (the blank check that keeps on giving) - Amendment SA 4868 lost 14 - 86 #

RT @jeanlucr Payer un livre électronique via Twitter, c'est possible! Well, actually give away free in xchange for buzz #

Global Warming Advocacy Science: a Cross Examination (82-pg PDF) #

Japanese Told More Sleep Means Less Global Warming #

McChrystal issued critical assessment of war vs. a "resilient and growing insurgency" just days before being forced out #

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Source: DoD Afghan Economic Sovereignty, Mineral Wealth Briefing The source of the breathless reports that recently flooded the news re $1T in Afghan mineral wealth ... Looks like over half is iron ore, despite press accounts of lithium it does not appear on the list...

Great quotes

Picture credit: Debt Star

“When national debts have once been accumulated to a certain degree, there is scarce, I believe, a single instance of their having being fairly and completely paid.” - Adam Smith, in “The Wealth of Nations.”

“We have now imprisoned one generation of debtors after another, but we do not find that their numbers lessen. We have now learned that rashness and imprudence will not be deterred from taking credit; let us try whether fraud and avarice may be more easily restrained from giving it.” - Samuel Johnson (1709-1784)

The Economist: A special report on debt. Repent at leisure

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Source: Hamas warns Palestinians against collaborating with Israel

"Hamas has launched a campaign warning Palestinians in Gaza against collaborating with Israel following the execution of two alleged informants in April. Posters and murals have appeared across Gaza City, graphically depicting the consequences of providing information to Israeli intelligence. Some include images of nooses, while others warn that "your people's blood will be on your hands... The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights challenges the legal process by which the pair were convicted and sentenced, saying it was constitutionally flawed and there was no proper appeals process..."

Tweets for Today (Jun 27th)

RT @gadgetlab Wired iPhone 4 review: "predecessors look like toys" ¶ But "still an unreliable phone, period" WTH? #

RT @SubMedina: Spy Factory, 5-part prog on NSA & surveillance via @ronaldjackson #

RT @oli2be: Les «pluies de pétrole», mythe ou réalité? /@leshumains @pcouzon #

« Le garde du corps qui a giflé le journaliste devrait être exclu » #

Obama's Space Policy: What Will It Mean For International Cooperation #

Obama space policy expected soon #

RT @mbk_center: What Medvedev 's U.S. visit was really about | Foreign Policy: #

Canada Agog at Security Price Tag for Summit $12 million/hour? #

RT @Queen_UK Right, heads up, boys. One is expecting great things. Queen & country. One doesn't want Merkel on the phone gloating. * Heh! #

RT @prespolitics Elizabeth Edwards Hits Back * Edwards family. Please. Just. Go. Away #

Two significant diplomatic achievements for the Netanyahu administration in G8 declaration: #

Il faut virer la graphologie des entretiens d'embauche Voodoo "science" #

Latin America: Torturers Lurking Behind Uniforms #

RT @senatus Feinstein, on Afghanistan: "I think we put all our eggs in the Petraeus basket at this stage." via @fixfelicia * Ah, good grief #

Afghanistan: 100K U.S. troops + 40K other ISAF. Al Qaeda? ""I think at most, we're looking at maybe 50 to 100, maybe less," (Panetta) 1/2 #

2/2 "Maybe 50 to 100, maybe less" al Qaeda in Afghanistan #

"Climate Change: what do we know about the IPCC?" 22-pg PDF #

Why the Taliban is winning in Afghanistan #

Pope Lashes Out at Belgium After Raid on Church #

POTUS & Lady Gaga "competing" for 1st person to have more than 10 million Facebook fans #

Bio Diaspora Travel patterns from countries to World Cup as disease vectors? #

Now that's some heavy-duty research :) #

World Cup final prediction (guess): ARG - NED #

RT @jeanlucr 10 Outils d'intégration entre votre Twitter et votre blog ¶ Loudtwitter aussi #

Blogs and tweets could predict the future #

Moore's Outlaws: Cyber attacks are increasing exponentially #

RT @cfaenergy Former Oil Executive, Hohn Hofmeister, On Gulf Spill #

RT @plutoniumpage G8 failed to extend the Global Partnership Against WMDs. Stmt from FMWG: #

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Source: Moore's Outlaws.

"... This past spring, researchers uncovered a computer espionage network directed from China by perpetrators who remain unknown. In the map above, circles represent locations of 139 computers known to have been infected with the spyware; they included ones in the National Security Council Secretariat of India, the Office of the Dalai Lama, and the Pakistani embassy in the United States. The infected computers used popular Web 2.0 services (depicted above as a cloud) to check in with attackers' sites, and these sites then sent the machines the addresses of command-and-control servers to which they would connect and send their data..."


MLR update

The Aug 28th, 2009 blog entry 'Health care re-form VIII (More nonsense)' discussed the use and abuse of the medical loss ratio, tried to explain what it really represents, and why "... high medical loss ratio good, lower medical loss ratio bad is about as useful a bleat as Animal Farm's "Four legs good, two legs bad! ..." and a misuse of the ratio.

Medical Loss Ratios & Health Insurance: Are You A "Constructionist" or an "Activist?" asks the question: "Will the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act's (PPACA) 80% to 85% MLR requirement make this mash-up "better?" and suggests there are two ways to look at the subject (... what the writer terms "constructionist" and "activist", and not "yes" or "no").

Medical Loss Ratio: What Really Counts As Quality? asks the question, and gets answers/opinions from five 'experts.'

Meanwhile the Department of Health and Human Services is drawing up the regulations (on this subject) that insurers will have to follow to satisfy the new health law's requirement that insurers spend either 85% of premiums collected on medical expenses (large group market ) or 80% of premiums (small group and individual markets)...

A prediction: in a relatively short period of time, and as a result of this legislation, no health plans will have MLRs that exceed the statutory requirements... (though many do currently).

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Education emancipates?

The article 'The Dalits of India: education and development' discusses the importance of the role of education in "... diminishing the social effects of the caste system, which still remain entrenched in Indian society..." It looks at the historical context, explains "... why education is such an important topic in development studies...", and looks at what has been tried.

Its conclusion? "There have been many attempts over the past one hundred and fifty years to help increase the quality of life for the Dalits of India... Minor increases in incentives for Dalits to pursue primary education have been beneficial, but not sufficient in equalizing the enrolment gap between the Dalits and members of upper castes. In order for significant progress to be made in increasing the primary enrolment rates of Dalit children, development organizations must continue to explore varying levels of incentives and pursue national social equality in India..."

My conclusion: much more needs to be done... much, much more, to eradicate the evils of caste.

Previous entries related to caste:
Misc update (caste) - Aug 29, 2009
Updates - #3 - Aug 25th, 2008
Frame of Reference - June 27th 2008
Caste - May 26th 2008

Note: From the picture source link, read the accompanying text:

"... The prime part of the village was occupied by the Naidu community, a caste of landowners. The next area comprised residences of washer-folk and other castes who served the Naidu community. The regions where the people even lower down in the caste hierarchy resided were further down the village road. The ``untouchables'' lived separated from the main village by about half a kilometer. This was the cleanest and best-maintained part of the village even though the people here lived in conditions of great economic hardship.

On the economic front, the landowners controlled the economy of the village. Land ownership was confined to the upper castes, while the lower castes eked their living by selling their labour. Payment to the lower castes was rarely in cash, and was instead given in the form of foodstuffs, paid once a year.

There were numerous social restrictions on the lower castes: lower caste people were not permitted to enter the upper caste areas freely, on the pain of physical punishment. Lower caste men were required to step off the road if an upper caste person was using it.

Lower caste children were allowed into the nearby school (not shown in the figure), but had to sit on the floor at the sides of the class room; the benches were for the use of upper-caste children. Girl children who reached puberty were not permitted to continue schooling, irrespective of their community of birth.

There was one bore well in the village that supplied drinking water, which the lower castes were forbidden to use. The untouchables had their own (open) well.."

Tweets for Today (Jun 26th)

The Myth of Tiananmen: And the price of a passive press #

Working on the Enterprise is pretty much a non-stop party (Star Trek: Tik Tok) Heh! #

RT @mparent77772 Obama to make $85mil from BP disaster? ¶ Pff, follow links "upstream" to (a possibly fake) nutjob #

The pond lilies had no flowers last year. This year's first: and a 2nd on its way: #

Bollywood Makes Osama Bin Laden Spoof ¶ Wonder if it makes fun more of UBL or the U.S. #

Text: Quartet statement - Gaza: goods should only reach Gaza via land crossings (not Gaza port) #

UN rights chief says torturers will face justice #

French Amb for Human Rights: The international community has imposed an "emotional blockade" on Israel... WTH? #

Twitter agit sur vos hormones #

iPhone 4 antenna problems were predicted on June 10 by Danish professor #

Steve Jobs Shows Cool Antenna Trick to Russian President Ha, ha! #

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Tweets for Today (Jun 25th)

For Conscripts, German Military Service is Battle... against Boredom (Nice pic!) #

How to make friends and influence people :) #

RT @abuaardvark Sen can go 99-0 for dumb, counterprod sanctions, can't pass extension of unemp, Medicaid. Absolutely pathetic. *But typical #

RT @cfaenergy: Get Over the Oil Spill - by John Hofmeister #

RT @chavezcandanga: Somos hijos y hijas de Bolivar y ahora nosotros, su Ejercito, hemos vuelto para TRIUNFAR juntoAlPueblo ! * Calm down! #

Wise Words From Gen. Mattis (from May) #

Gulf Spill Could Produce Wealth of Scientific Knowledge #

RT @crypticvalentin: 40% of Americans Think Jesus Will Return by 2050... * Huh? #

French press put boot into 'laughing stock' team #

Lawyers say shocked over uses of $20 billion Gulf fund #

Rich getting richer: 120k Indians hold a third of national income #

Oil spill containment efforts could be putting strain on damaged well #

General Petraeus and His Senate Vassals #

Evaluating Military Compensation (10-pg CBO PDF) #

"If you want to dissuade IR from pursuing nuc prog ... why the hell are you banning the supply of equipment for the oil & gas industry?" 1/2 #

2/2 #

Civil disobedience is... a fun day out in Tel Aviv. And potentially 2 years in prison... #

RT @oli2be U.S. Mil Surrounds IR: Chances of Israeli bombing inc /@fahimn @iran_letter ¶ Not new: #

Le gouvernement indien va proposer un décret d'urgence contre les "crimes d'honneur" #

La Rumeur relaxé : « Une gifle monumentale pour Sarkoland » #

Au Liban, la torture est « banalisée » selon des ONG #

Knives!? We Don't Need No Stinking Knives! #

Deepwater Horizon: the best-case and most-likely scenarios #

The Real Options for U.S. Climate Policy #

Containment Policy for a Nuclear Iran? #

China's Currency Change Isn't Necessarily a Win for the United States #

Cult of the Presidency America's Dangerous Devotion to Executive Power (402-pg PDF book) #

Afghanistan and Pakistan: Gaining a Grip #

Innovating in the Arab world #

An Honest Look at Afghanistan is an Obligation for All #

Curbing Proliferation Through Development #


The United States and Mexico: The neglected relationship (37-pg PDF) #

Actions, Not Just Attitudes: A New Paradigm for U.S.-Arab Relations (100-pg PDF) #

Counterinsurgency 3.0 (13-pg PDF) #

RT @ggreenwald This is a great article by Eric Lichtblau on the WH and their lobbyist friends: #

Update (Victims)...

Previous blog entries had discussed the evolution of how the "blame" for the housing crisis was being allocated - the 'Crashing the party' entry of September 2008 listed the numerous parties (the public, the politicians, the regulators, and industry) with a role in the crash; the October 2008 entry 'The elephant (and donkey) in the room', observed how the politicians were focusing the blame (on others, so as to give themselves a free pass); while the 'Musical chairs' entry showed pictorially how blame was being shifted to "fat cat" bankers...

This blogger recently ran across this article, They Keep Stealing - Why Keep Paying? Reading this it has become clear that the process is now completed, and memories have been 'sanitized' No one retains any responsibility except for "them" (unnamed banks, CEO, and other assorted guilty...), everyone else is a victim...

Quote: "... You didn't cause this mess. They did. Now you are struggling to make the same payments on this mortgage on your now overpriced home even in light of a crashing economy and massive deflation, all while the government does everything in its power to help Wall St. keep the bonuses coming. Well, it is becoming time to take matters into your own hands... I suggest that you call your lender and tell them if they don't lower you mortgage by at least 20%, you are walking away. And if they don't agree, you need to consider walking away..."

Hmm, this is the best way of guaranteeing that this will happen again!

Previous housing-related blog entries:
Thank you California and Florida - October 26th, 2008
The elephant (and donkey) in the room - October 25th, 2008
Mortgage mess - October 7th, 2008
Wall Street vs. Main Street October 1st, 2008
Crashing the partySeptember 27th, 2008
Confused and nowhere to go (updated)September 24th, 2008
Truth RIP (updated 9/22)September 22nd, 2008
Finely calibrated reactionsSeptember 16th, 2008
Fannie and FreddieSeptember 10th, 2008
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Mortgage meltdown (update) - April 1st, 2008
Mortgage meltdownMarch 31st, 2008
Housing Stories III July 29th, 2008
Housing stories – IIMay 6th, 2008
Housing storiesApril 5th, 2008

Random charts

Random charts

Source: Deepwater Gulf of Mexico 2009: Interim Report of 2008 Highlights

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Tweets for Today (Jun 24th)

RT @jranck: another sign of pundit fatigue? On BP, Obama makes the pundits look like fools 1/2 Eh?? Getting BP to pony #

2/2 ... up big $$ because they were negligent is "unprecedented act of presidential leadership"? Wow, talk about setting the bar low! #

RT @felixsalmon Why a "professor of Innovation" thinks McChrystal shouldn't have been fired 1/2 Hmm... #

2/2 So, shooting off his mouth (defiance of authority) proof he is what's needed (leadership values needed in unconventional warfare)? #

RT @dcagle HA! Funny conservative cartoon: Gen. McChrystal's firing in a nutshell #

RT @dcagle Check out our newest collection of cartoons called "McChrystal Resigns" #

RT @mparent77772 Uh Huh - So It IS A Liability-Limiting Thing - BP escrow ¶ Don't see the problem, take the cash 1/2 #

2/2 ... and it's all yours vs. gamble for more i.e. sue... and 50%+ goes to your lawyer... #

RT @SteveHynd Brookings Inst report: Pakistan madrassas 'do NOT stoke militancy' #

Lucky number plates go up in value when times are bad "the value of superstitions can be economically significant" #

Hmm, drilling mud costs $200-300 per barrel #

Obama Makes Adorable Mistake, Calls It "Twitters" #

Warlord, Inc.: Extortion and Corruption Along the U.S. Supply Chain in Afghanistan (85-pg PDF) #

Highest daily oil prod 41,000 bbl/day, so is the est. Maconodo blowout rate too high? #


Source: Warlord, Inc.: Extortion and Corruption Along the U.S. Supply Chain in Afghanistan

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Random picture

Source: Fine handed down by Iran's morality police. Citation issued by NAJA (Iran police) to women for improper attire, and translation...

Misc update (identity)

The July 2nd, 2008 blog entry 'Registered Identity' and a May 25th, 2009 'Update' follow-up spoke to the issue of the low percentages of the inhabitants of some countries that have birth certificates or other official identity papers, as well as some of the disadvantages that result...

This recent article, 'Indonesia: Pengendum Tampung, "We don’t have birth certificates. You can’t do much without one", reinforces the point... while speaking of the many problems faced by his people - the indigenous "people of the forest" (Orang Rimba) in Indonesia - Pengedum Tampung says "... Orang Rimba don’t have birth certificates. You can’t do much in the outside world without one. You can’t vote or buy a motorbike or mobile phone. You can’t go to a regular school either..."

Tweets for Today (Jun 23rd)

RT @abuaardvark: Bill Kristol says that McChrystal needs to be fired. It's the best argument yet for keeping him... * And only... #

RT @medcitynews Hospital comparison data does not reflect surgical infection risk #

Plus de 10 millions de millionnaires dans le monde (+17.1% in 2009) #

India to turn heat on China-Pakistan nuclear deal * CN-PK deal bad, IN-US and IS-CA deals good...? Yeah, right! #

Gen. McC offers his resignation? President O should *not* accept it ... should fire him. #

Gen. McC indispensable to U.S war effort and the only one who can pull it off? If true, we're in deep shit! (It's not) #

Elimination des Bleus : le bal des pleureuses et des charognards ! #

Iran says has enriched 17 kg uranium to 20 percent purity #

RT @SPIEGEL_English: Les Miserables: France's Tawdry Exit From the World Cup... - #

RT @BreakingNews: McChrystal de nies having offered to resign. 'Come on, you know better than that. No' *Keep digging... #

It's Not a Stuffed Animal, It's a $6,000 Medical Device (Paro the Robo-Seal) #

still 13 vacancies in the Afghan cabinet #

Gunshot detectors snagged in system (requested in 2003, still not in field...) #

"Green" ammo ships to AFG (env-friendly projectile eliminates 2,000 tons of lead from manuf process each yr) #

Global Hawk In Tailspin, Maybe (AF head of acquisition "unhappy") #

Sarkozy summons ministers to discuss World Cup debacle Gah... he have nothing better to do? #

Société Générale says wants €4.9 billion compensation from former emp Kerviel How many lifetimes would that take? #

Simpson's Comments Undermine (deficit reduction) Commission Efforts #

Russian citizen convicted for trying to sell 100gm weapon-grade uranium in Georgia pardoned by Saak: #

The hollow Arab core #

US-Israeli relations improve — time to bulldoze Palestinian homes #

Saudi Arabia nails murderer's body to cross (after beheading) #

Random chart

Source: Roadmap shows the way for nuclear future "... Nuclear power could become the world's single biggest source of electricity, said a roadmap revealed today by intergovernmental agencies. Industry says the projections are not ambitious enough. The roadmap for the potential of nuclear in a world that reduces its carbon dioxide emissions by 50% by 2050 was produced by the International Energy Agency at the request of the Group of Eight industrialized nations (Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, the UK and USA)..."

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


A comment related to the death of Benazir Bhutto kicked started this blog back in January 2008... Approximately two and a half years and one thousand five hundred and sixty five entries later, on what would have been her 57th birthday, 'BB murder: Pakistan objects on UN report' informs us that the Pakistani government has raised unspecified "concerns" regarding the United Nations report on her murder/death...

Tweets for Today (Jun 22nd)

RT @truecrimereport Vigilante Mistakenly Beats Wrong Man to Death w/Bat *Hell of a headline, was there a "right" pers? #

Supreme Court upholds terrorism support law #

RT @googlenews IRS May Tax Payments to Gulf Coast Victims * "may"? Of course they will... #

RT @NPRHealth Health Ins Execs Face WH Grilling * New std headline: "XYZ Execs Face WH/Cong Posturing (oops, Grilling)" #

RT @Sg2H ealthCare U.S. hospitals support 1 in 9 jobs, according to American Hospital Assoc. #

RT @columlynch: Robert Gibbs: "All options are on the table." For dealing with the Taliban. No, for dealing with Gen. Stanley McChrystal #

Gen. McChrystal: Before - "amazingly disciplined", "brilliant", "professional integrity". Post-Rolling Stone: Uh, not so much... #

Wonder if Gen David McKiernan (Ret.) having himself a little chuckle... #

Peak water? Hmm, no doubt hastened by all the water being used (fracking) to avoid peak oil :) #

HuffPo translation fail! (missed the "fils de") #

RT @TeresaKopec Time's Joe Klein reporting McChrystal has submitted resignation. Up to Obama to accept it ¶ Nope, he could turn down, fire #

Random picture

Almost beautiful, until you realize what it represents... Source: Oil in the Gulf, two months later (from The Big Picture)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Tweets for Today (Jun 21st)

Dinocroc vs. Supergator, SyFy churning out some real crap these days! #

RT @agoravox: Fils de pute, sale con, enculé... Rolex ! #

RT @agoravox: Equipe de France : du vaudeville à l'affaire d'État.... #

Turks cancel project to sell Israel water #

Israeli panel revives East Jerusalem housing plan #

RT @abuaardvark Five T hings You Didn't Know About Ramadan, by @vali_nasr #

Fab pic: Summer Solstice at Stonehenge: #

RT @big_picture: Oil in the Gulf, two months later - #

In an interview, when asked what he would be if he weren't a soccer player, Crouch replied: "A virgin" 6th on the list #

RT @prespolitics White House mocks Hayward's yachting - and defends Obama's golfing #

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Random chart

Source: Migration Maps: The Real Social Networks (II)

Tweets for Today (Jun 20th)

Remembering Bruce, the Mechanical Shark from Jaws #

Utah uses Twitter to announce execution #

RT @kigaliwire "time when presidents & govts went around assassinating their citizens is over in Rwanda" *Ahead of US? #

RT @csmonitoronline A yachting trip? 10 worst BP gaffes in Gulf oil spill Bah, ppl will bitch about anything he does 1/2 #

2/2 Hayward wears sackcloth and ashes? Someone will find a reason to complain... #

RT @crusademedia: Osama bin Laden hiding in Af-Pak belt, says Holbrooke * Holbrooke, genius! #

It's Fathers' Day... Quick. Someone inform the French World Cup team... They seem to believe it is children's' day... #

Insultes, démissions, mutinerie : suivez le vaudeville des Bleus Opera bouffe #

Ce qui se passe chez les Bleus conforme au «climat que Nicolas Sarkozy a exalté»: «l'individualisme», «l'égoïsme», «le chacun pour soi» ??? #

Color coding and safety...

The Feb 4th, 2008 blog entry, prompted by the lawsuit that the Quaids had filed against heparin-maker Baxter following the Cedars-Sinai medical error that gave their twins a serious overdose, disagreed with their contention that "... since a medical error in administration could lead to a dangerous or fatal result, the background colors should have been different... and... the vials should have been in completely distinguishable size and shape..." The entry argued that color-coding "... would contribute to the natural tendency of folks to use color and/or shape and size as a proxy or 'shortcut'. It could well be argued that making every label color uniform would improve patient safety, as providers would then be obliged to actually read the label and confirm the drug/dose rather than rely on color or some other visual cue.." and suggested that Quaid concentrate on other systems changes, such as bar-coding. Well, Quaid has joined up with others and is doing yeoman work spreading the word on preventing medical errors, see the Quaid Initiative for more information... However, he still seems to believe that color-coding would have helped, as evidenced by his re-filing of a lawsuit against Baxter in a different venue...

The subsequent Aug 18th, 2008 entry criticized Quaid for setting up his own foundation for attacking the problem of medication errors, rather than working with existing bodies... Well, in April 2010 the Quaid Foundation merged with The Texas Medical Institute of Technology (TMIT) - "... a medical research organization, founded in 1984, dedicated to accelerating performance solutions that save lives, save money, and build value in the communities we serve and ventures we undertake. Our core values drive our behaviors and in turn drive our culture. TMIT applies the Institute of Medicine's (IOM) design principles of patient-centeredness, evidence-based medicine, and systems performance improvement..."

A number of organizations are circulating an e-petition to the FDA on the subject of eliminating "look alike, sound alike drugs" While seeking the elimination of an existing color scheme (where different container and cap colors were aligned with different therapeutic classes e.g. green for miotics), their insistence that no two drugs/strengths look alike would of necessity lead to a complicated color scheme.

Is this a good idea? This blogger would think not. In fact the pictorial examples that they present (see above, more examples at the link) as prima facie examples of problems are exactly what this blogger would argue for i.e. identical label color schemes - so that providers have to read the labels to know the ingredient rather than relying on color-related short cuts.

This blog entry would seem to agree....

Previous related blog entries:
Color-coding is this a good idea? - Feb 4th, 2008
Founders - Aug 18th, 2008

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