Monday, January 4, 2010

Tweets for Today (Jan 4th)

La France rejette la "dernière pirouette" de l'Iran #

Bernanke: Lax Regulation to Blame for Housing Bubble ¤ But not his... # - Pond heater appears to be doing its job(keep small area clear of ice for gas exchange) #

No rigorous evidence digestive problems more common in autistic kids; that special diets work (celebs wrong?) #

RT @Nextgov: Health bills could expand IRS role ¤ Yay, just what's needed #

RT @Nextgov: Web application gives air travelers chance to rate airport security procedures #

You Are Being Lied to About Pirates #

Biodiversity: Invasive Species Multiply in U.S. Waterways ¤ Responsible for 40 pct of animal extinctions #

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